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Glossary of Terms

This page of our web site is for the purpose of helping our customers understand some of the terms and uses our Clips and Clamps have. For convenience, this has been compiled alphabetically. This list will also be added to as our range increases.

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For both O. E. M. & Aftermarket, the use of clips and clamps are massive.

Constant tension

Constant tension clips for the radiator hose. A spring band or wire clip that is capable of expanding with the hose as the temperature increases. Constant tension is also available in several worm drive styles, for the ultimate in flexibility, including Flex-Gear, Thermal Flex & Turbo Seal.

C. V. Boot clamp clips.

These single eared ’O’ type clips are made for the C. V. joints found in most vehicles. From a size as small as 7mm to well over 100mm with only a 7mm band width, these are the ideal way for the joints to be fitted. Available in stainless steel.

Exhaust clamps.

There are different types of exhaust clamps, from the traditional type of ’U’ bolt with bracket through to the single bolt ’Supra’ clamp. Simply put, the exhaust clamp secures the exhaust to the underside of the vehicle using the existing bracket on the vehicle.

’P’ clips.

The principal use for this type of clip is to secure hoses and wiring to bulkheads. This is done by wrapping the clip around the hose/cable, and using screwing the clip into place. The ’P’ clip is rubber lined so the hose/cable is protected from the continual rubbing against the steel/stainless steel.

Petrol pipe clips.

These come in 2 types. A small nut & bolt clip and also a narrow band worm drive hose clip. These can be attached using a screw driver, a nut driver or a small pner. Available in mild steel & stainless steel.

Worm drive hose clips.

These come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. From 5mm band width up to 16mm and diameters starting as low as 6mm, every hose on the vehicle is covered. They are also used to attach such things as the air filter.


Clips and clamps used within this huge industry are similar to the automotive industry. There is one important addition however. The ’Supra’ Clamp. This is a heavy duty, single bolt clamp, that gives the user far more torque strength than a normal hose clip can deliver. These are available in Mild Steel, Part Stainless or Full Stainless Steel.

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Bolt Clamps

Generally used when a standard worm drive simply isn’t strong enough. Sizes start from as low as 17mm with a band width of 18mm up to 252mm with a band width of 31mm; they are available in mild steel (W1), part stainless steel (W2) and full stainless steel (W4). Used in a variety of industries including: Agricultural, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Duct Work, Hydraulic Equipment & Fluid Power, Marine Engineering & Equipment & Pipelines.

Bolt & Nut Clips

These have a major role in the Automotive trade. Used primarily as a Petrol Pipe Clip, this design has a small size range, but makes up for it with strength.

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Constant Tension Clamps/Clips

Clips for the radiator hose. A spring band or wire clip that is capable of expanding with the hose as the temperature increases. Constant tension is also available in several worm drive styles, for the ultimate in flexibility, including Flex-Gear, Thermal Flex & Turbo Seal. In addition the present generation of automotive engineers are looking towards the Constant Tension Clamp to provide the reliable clamping pressure today’s automobiles demand. Made of Chrome Vanadium Steel CIMA’s clamps meet or exceed the load force required by the auto makers. The products are available in two styles, the traditional slotted band and new patented design. Both products are designed to reduce the drag on the hose thereby increasing hose life. The new design is also available in 12.5mm band.

A constant tension worm gear clamp designed to compensate for the effects of thermal cycling and/or compression set of hose. Turbo Seal’s convoluted spring action band solves this problem. This clamp is used in automotive, off-highway, agriculture, heavy duty, aircraft (non flight critical applications only), and military industries and can be found on turbo chargers, tanks, air-to-air, cooling, and fuel lines.

C. V. Boot clamp clips

These single eared ’O’ type clips are made for the C. V. joints found in vehicles. From a size as small as 7mm to well over 100mm with only a 7mm band width, these are the ideal way for the joints to be fitted. Available in stainless steel.

Crimp clips

See ’O’ clips.

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Double wire clips

These are available in nut & bolt and also self tightening.

Double ear clips

See ’O’ clips

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Exhaust clamps

Basically a ’U’ bolt with 2 nuts and a plate to fix the exhaust in place. Most commonly used in the automotive industry by both car manufacturers and the after market alike.

Ezy Click Clip Type

Specially designed for hose clamping applications where space is restricted, the new Ezy clik (patent pending) hose clamp offers the convenience of the Herbie Clip with a narrower head.
The unique design of the Ezy clik ensures strong, reliable clamping with the added security of a special interlocking head to ensure that the Ezy clik maintains clamping integrity in the most arduous applications.
The Ezy Clik range has the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured from Nylon 6.6
  • No moving parts – will not seize
  • Low profile head will fit into small spaces
  • Full installation tooling support
  • Choice of installation – pre-fit onto hose or wrap around once the hose is in place
  • Can be quickly released using pliers
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No sharp edges to cut the operator
  • Strong UV resistance
  • Temperature range -40°C to +150°C
  • Can seal hosework up to 8 bar (depending on hose and fitting)

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Flange clamps

See ’V’ channel clamps.

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Gemelli wire clips

Gemelli offer resistance to high pressure due to double joint, perfect circumference in all tightening positions and constant equal pressure distributed on whole clip. The use of galvanised steel wire eliminated all possibility of rough and sharp edges. Elasticity resistant to vibrations.

This hose clamp offers many advantages such as fat mounting, resistance to corrosion, double joint etc. The guarantee of this hose clamp is demonstrated by the numerous applications made by automobile and domestic appliance manufacturers for many years

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Herbie clip range

The Herbie Clip is a one piece nylon hose clip that uses a double row of interlocking teeth. The result is an extremely secure fit when tightened. Made from Nylon 6.6, the Herbie Clip is totally resistant to atmospheric corrosion and has the ability to be easily adjusted even after many years in place. It is resistant to most industrial solvents, petrol’s, oils, greases and many common chemicals.

Heavy duty clips

There are various manufacturers on offer: TRIMAX, J. C. S. Hi Torque and coming soon the PREMIER TORQUE. Uses for these clips are almost as varied as standard duty worm drive. For extra strength the clips have a riveted housing, wider and thicker band, and the band is slotted. For durability the clip is made entirely from stainless steel.

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Jolly brand hose clamps

Jolly Mild Steel Clamps have been universally regarded as the most versatile and cost effective clamping solutions since 1968. Jolly clamps are constructed tough and rugged to withstand pressures of constant use. Engineering marvel in designing eliminates hose abrasion and damage under the clamp band.

J. C. S. British standard worm drive clips

This brand is so good, it even has Lloyds approval. The J. C. S. standard worm drive clip is the standard that the rest of the world works towards.


Jeppe hose clamps are made out of a double strand steel wire with high resistance; they are coated with a preservative zinc coating which ensures a practically unlimited durability

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Mikalor single bolt clamps

The standard bolt clamp when worm drive simply isn’t strong enough.

Mikalor hose clips

The Mikalor range of hose clips is available in both 2 part stainless steel as well as full stainless. Also, both are available in 9mm band width and 12mm. With a solid backed band, and made to exacting standards, this DIN3017 hose clip is worthy of more than one look.

Multi Clips

Multi Clip is a unique new fastener which will secure a large variety of objects of almost any size of shape. It has endless uses in industry, the home, the garden and leisure activities such as camping and sport. It will provide an easy, secure fixing, without the need for tools. It is re-usable, will not rust, and is invaluable in an emergency, such as a clamp for plumbing, kitchen appliances or as a hose clip in the car. It secures difficult shaped items like oars or tent poles to roof racks, fishing rods to bicycles and so on. Multi Clip can be tightened to any diameter between 1cm and 10cm. The clips can be linked together to cater for larger diameters.

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Nut & Bolt clips

Also known as the petrol pipe clip, this small clip is extensively used in the automotive industry in fuel systems. These are available from stock in a bright zinc plated finish.

Nylon Clips

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’O’ clips.

Also known as Crimp clips, double ear clips, cinch clips & Zero clips, as well as many other names, these are single use clips where the ’Ears’ of the clips are crimped together to form the seal. Once fitted, they must be cut off. The fitting tool (side closing pincers) are placed over the ears of the clip, and then crimped together.

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’P’ clips

’P’ clips are available in a wide variety of styles. Rubber lined is possibly the most popular, however plain is also available. Zinc plated and stainless steel (BS304 & BS316) materials are available in 3 band widths: 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. Sizes start from 3mm in 1/2″ band width and 5mm for both 5/8″ and 3/4″. The limit of the size range possible has so far not been determined.

Petrol pipe clips

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Quick release worm drive clips

When speed is of the essence, and a large diameter has to clamped, Quick Release is the clip of choice. With the ability to be fixed in place by hand and tightened of with the driver, this is the ideal system for speed in hard to get to places.

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Rubber lined ’P’ clips

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Side closing pincers

Side closing pincers are the ultimate tool when using the ear clips. Weather or not there is an issue in accessibility, the versatility of this pincer is astounding.

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The Tridon range covers all aspects of hose clips and clamps. From the humble petrol pipe clip or Nut & Bolt style, right through to the heavy duty ’T’ Bolt clamps. Worm drive ranges include light duty 5/16″ band width, 1/2″ standard duty band width, 9/16″ band width, and the TRIMAX heavy duty with a band width of 5/8″. All are available in stainless steel. Also, the Turn Key range. These offer the customer the freedom from tooling, as they can be applied by hand, without the need of nut spinners or screwdrivers.

’T’ Bolt Clamps

Very similar to the single bolt clamps, listed earlier. The difference is though, the bolt. A genuine ’T’ Bolt is used instead of a standard bolt & trunion.

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’U’ bolts

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’V’ channel clamps

A very special type of clamp that is used primarily to secure flanged tubes together. There is a huge range of styles for these, mainly because of the variance between one flange and another. There is also the varying types of band as well as the bolt fastener.

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Worm drive hose clips

Possibly the most widely used hose clip in the world right now. Mainly used on hose assemblies, but the versatility of the worm drive means that they can be used for so many other applications.

Wing screw drive

The HI-GRIP WING SCREW hose clips was specifically designed to answer the problem of frequently removed hoses such as found in the garden, home, laboratory and industry. The unique dovetail locking and side lugs of the wing plate guarantee a firm fixture that outlasts those of other designs. A plastic wing plate cover is supplied as standard which enables a greater tightness to be obtained and is kinder to unprotected fingers. The super free-running and high efficiency worm drive gives excellent sealing.

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Also known as double wire spring clips. YDNAC hose clamps are made of double strand steel wire with high resistance; they are coated with a preservative zinc coating, which ensures a practically unlimited durability.

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Zero Clips

Europe’s number one manufacturer and distributor of hose clips and hose clamps.