Double Ear O Clip Kit (Universal) Mild steel zinc plated


Double Ear O Clip Kit Mild Steel Zinc Plated

Contents include:

98 O clips (sizes 5-7mm through to 20-23mm) & 1 Side closing pincers

Supplied in a plastic kit box

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Double Ear O Clip Kit mild steel zinc plated (Universal)

Each kit contains the 98 O clips supplied in a plastic kit box with separate compartments for the various sizes and side closing pincers.

See tech. spec. for a breakdown of the sizes included

Technical Specifications

Each double ear o clip kit (universal) contains the following:

 O clip material Mild steel zinc plated
Clip Size (mm) Size (ins.) Qty in kit
Z07 5-7 1/4 20
Z11 9-11 3/8 20
Z13 11-13 1/2 20
Z15 13-15 9/16 10
Z18 15-18 5/8 8
Z20 17-20 3/4 9
Z23 20-23 7/8 6
Z26 23-26 1 4
Side Closing Pincer 1