JCS Multi-Torque Stainless Steel


JCS Multi-Torque Stainless

Banding & Connectors

Stainless steel 304 & 316 grade

Made in Great Britain

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JCS Multi-Torque is a heavy duty banding system for when your requirement is bigger than 500mm or when you require a larger custom made size.
Multi-Torque employs a two riveted housing design, which are available from 150mm through to 450mm.
Stainless steel 304 & 316 grade
Multi-torque coils are supplied in 10m and 30m coils.

Multi-Torque connectors are available in the following lengths: 150mm, 300mm, 350mm and 450mm.

JCS manufacture to BS5315, BSI Kitemarked, Lloyds register approval & N.A.T.O. Approvals

JCS Part No’s:

MTB10p, MTB30P, MTJB10P, MTJB30P, MTC150P, MTC300P, MTC350P, MTC450P, MTJC150P, MTC300P, MTC350P, MTC450P

Technical Specifications

JCS Multi-Torque

Stainless steel 304 & 316 grade

Recommended setting torque – 15Nm (130 lb.tn)
Band tensile strength – 1150 N/mm2 approx. (75 tons/in2)

Multi-Torque Stainless Banding 304 grade

Our part no.     JCS part no.    Description

MTB10M           MTB10P           10m Coil Multi-Torque 304SS banding

MTB30M          MTB30P           30m Coil Multi-Torque 304SS banding

Multi-Torque Stainless Connectors 304 grade

MTC150           MTC150P         150mm Multi-Torque 304SS connectors

MTC300          MTC300P        300mm Multi-Torque 304SS connectors

MTC350           MTC350P        350mm Multi-Torque 304SS connectors

MTC400           MTC400P        400mm Multi-Torque 304SS connectors

Multi-Torque Stainless Banding 316 grade

MTB10M/316           MTBJ10P           10m Coil Multi-Torque 316SS banding

MTB30M/316          MTBJ30P           30m Coil Multi-Torque 316SS banding

Multi-Torque Stainless Connectors 316 grade

MTC150/316           MTJC150P         150mm Multi-Torque 316SS connectors

MTC300/316          MTJC300P        300mm Multi-Torque 316SS connectors

MTC350/316           MTJC350P        350mm Multi-Torque 316SS connectors

MTC400/316           MTJC400P        400mm Multi-Torque 316SS connectors