Mikalor Constant Tension Worm Drive 9mm Band W4


Worm drive hose clip with a spring loaded insert.

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A worm drive hose clip with a spring loaded insert, capable of compensating for temperature variance and vibration.

Available: 9mm band width.

Material: W4

Technical Specifications

Constant tension worm-drive clips are designed to be used primarily in the automotive sector.

The main difference between the W4 constant tension worm-drive and the standard Mikalor worm-drive is to be found in the spring-loaded insert.

This spring-loaded insert maintains constant pressure around the hose in case of variations in temperature and /or vibration thereby guaranteeing performance far superior to conventional wormdrives.

For this reason constant tension worm-drive clips are used mainly with tubes or hoses carrying hot air or on engine refrigeration systems.

Moreover, the cold-formed stamped band thread, smoothed on the underside, combined with the beveled band edges protects the hose from any damage.

ASFA -W4 CT worm-drive clips are manufactured entirely from stainless steel (AISI 304) thereby ensuring excellent corrosion resistance.

This clip complies fully with the DIN 3017 norm and also with the RoHs directive EU/2002/95/EC dated 1st July 2006.

* The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

* The Nominal Ø “A” does not take into account the spring-loaded insert.


Mikalor Constant Worm Drive 9mm Band W4


Mikalor Constant Worm Drive 9mm Band W4