Multi Clip


Multi Clip is a unique new fastener which will secure a large variety of objects of almost any size of shape.

Reusable and adjustable.

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Multi Clip is a unique fastener which will secure a large variety of objects of almost any size of shape.

It has endless uses in industry, the home, the garden and leisure activities such as camping and sport.

It will provide an easy, secure fixing, without the need for tools. It is re-usable, will not rust, and is invaluable in an emergency, such as a clamp for plumbing, kitchen appliances or as a hose clip in the car. It secures difficult shaped items like oars or tent poles to roof racks, fishing rods to bicycles and so on.

Multi Clip can be tightened to any diameter between 1cm and 10cm. The clips can be linked together to cater for larger diameters.


 How Does Multi Clip Work?

The Multi Clip consists of 3 basic components; threaded nylon strap, collar and tightening nut.

  1. Simply slip the assembled fastener over object(s) to be secured and tighten up the locking nut until finger tight.
  2. Where it is impossible to apply assembled, unscrew nut completely off the strap, then pull one end of the strap free of the collar. Introduce strap around the objects(s), re-insert the loose end of strap into collar, replace nut and tighten fully.
  3. Where a single Multi Clip would not be large enough, 2 more clips may be combined. To do this:
  • Remove nut and detach one side of strap from collar.
  • Repeat this operation on a second clip (or more as required)
  • Relocate loose end of one strap into collar of another Multi Clip.
  • Repeat operation if 3 or more Clips are being joined.
  • Relocate remaining loose strap end in the vacant position on final collar, thus creating a continuous loop of 2 or more Multi Clips.
  • Replace all nuts into collars.
  • Apply enlarged Multi Clip to object(s) as in 1 or 2.
  • Hand-tighten each nut on the completed loop.

Just some of Multi Clip’s applications:


  • Gluing wood and ceramics
  • Temporary vice
  • Securing plumbing patches to pipes
  • Sign fixing
  • Temporary pipe repairs
  • Temporary jigs
  • Tool holders
  • Heating and ventilation ducting
  • Guttering repairs


  • Mending washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners
  • Securing loose lagging
  • Plumbing emergencies
  • Opening jar tops
  • Storing objects in garage roof or attic


  • Emergency radiator hose clip
  • Cable tie
  • Securing luggage or loose equipment such as jack Emergency fixing of bumper bars


  • Fixing water hoses
  • Securing equipment to rucksack or tent poles


  • Hose clip for tap fixing and nozzles
  • Tree and plant tie
  • Repair for tools, garden furniture, etc. Securing tops of canes in pea and bean pyramids
  • Fence repairs
  • Pipes and guttering to greenhouses


  • Attaching rods to roof-racks or bicycles
  • Securing loose feels

Sailing, boating:

  • Fixing oars and paddles for transport
  • Temporary row-lock Holding sea-lights, anchors, outlet pipes, steering chains Many fastening uses in and around the boat


  • Clamping loose bottles or thermos-flasks
  • Securing food boxes
  • Fixing sun shades

NOTE: Sharp edges should be padded to prevent cutting of the strap when tightening. For applications such as attaching hose pipes to taps where extra sealing capacity is required, this can be achieved by double looping the strap around the object.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Maximum Tightening Force: 60 – 100 kilograms (220 lbs)

Breaking Strain: 60 – 100 kilograms (220 lbs)

Temperature Range: -20°C to +100°C

The clip can be used at temperatures up to 150°C but between 100-150°C there is a reduction in tensile strength