27 HGR Quick Release Band Clamp (Standard Duty) Zinc plated


27-HGR Quick Release Band Clamp (Standard Duty)

Zinc plated

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Quick Release Band Clamps (Standard Duty)

Standard worm drive size adjuster with a quick release over centre toggle clamp.

Sizes Ranging from 70mm minimum through to 375mm maximum.

Technical Specifications

Stock Code Diameter Material
27-HGR070-115ZN 70-115 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR090-135ZN 90-135 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR130-175ZN 130-175 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR170-215ZN 170-215 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR210-295ZN 210-255 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR250-295ZN 250-295 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR290-335ZN 290-335 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)
27-HGR330-375ZN 330-375 mm Mild Steel (Zinc)