Mikalor 9mm Band W1 DIN 3017


Mikalor’s standard duty worm drive hose clip uses an innovative housing design.

9mm band width

Available size range: 16-27mm through to 220-240mm

W1 Grade


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ASFA L-W1 9mm band width

Thanks to the exclusive design of the housing, the ASFA “L” W1 Worm-Drive Clip has excellent performance while being at the same time very compact.

The cold-formed stamped band thread, smoothed on the underside, combined with the beveled band
edges protects the hose from any damage.
The ASFA “L” W1 hose clip complies fully with the DIN 3017 norm and also with the RoHs directive EU
2002/95/EC dated 1st July 2006. This clip is ideal for general industrial applications.
* The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the

Technical Specifications