Constant Tension Clamps / Clips


Constant tension clamps (CTC)

Chrome vanadium (50CrVa4)

Black geomet 1000 surface finish

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The CTC (Constant Tension Clamp) particularly suited for hose assemblies that are subject to temperature variations. The CTC was developed primarily for the automotive industry’s needs on cooling, heating and fuel systems and has since found many other applications such as industrial, home appliance, etc…


The CTC clamp is composed of a single band of Chrome Vanadium Steel (50CrVa4).

Surface finish is black geomet 1000.

  1. Ease of Assembly:
    The CTC clamp is easy to assemble (no screws etc.) by expanding the clamp using either an air tool or simply a pair of hand pliers.
  2. Uniformity of Radial Force:
    The form of the band clamp has been developed to achieve consistent radial forces around the perimeter of the clamp.
  3. Service:
    The CTC clamp is re-usable for service without the need of special tools, using pliers.
  4. Elastic Recovery:
    The CTC clamp is essentially a spring allowing it to continue clamping hose assemblies over a temperature range of –40oC to +120oC

Last couple of sizes left

Technical Specifications (mm)

Part Number  Free I.D              Application Dia              Max I.D

CTC10078           7.8Ø                     8.5 ~ 9.0Ø                                 9.5

CTC10178            17.8Ø                    19.5 ~ 21.0Ø                             21.8