Double Ear O Clips Zinc-Plated W1


‘O’ clips and clamps are designed specifically for the fastening of any flexible hose or tube to a rigid connection where permanent, reliable and high performance joints are required.

Zinc plated W1


For further information see product description and technical specification below.

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Zinc plated W1

Sizes starting from 5-7mm.

Manufactured to exacting engineering standards they may be used in both static and dynamic applications under both internal and exposed conditions.

Simplicity and high speed of attachment make them ideal for production applications.


Hot/Cold Water connection in domestic washing machines, dishwashers etc.
Coolant pipe connection in consumer and commercial refrigerators and freezers.
Connection brake air lines, fuel pipes and water pumps etc.
Heating and ventilating system in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Butane/Propane/Oxygen container connection.
Joints for heating appliances in caravans boats etc.
Connection to welding torches, cutters etc.
Joints for pressurized liquid dispensing and material transfer systems – paint spraying material lines – beer dispensing- pipes from kegs etc.


In order to achieve optimum performance
1. Selection of the correct size of O Clip is essential
2. Correct method of closure must be employed

Before  O Clip Closed  Clip Closure

    Before Clip is Closed                  Correctly Closed                    Incorrectly Closed  (This can fracture the wall of the clip)


Selection of the correct size of O clip is essential. The inside diameter of the clip should be approximately 0.396875mm (1/64”) larger than the overall diameter of the tube plus fitting in order to obtain maximum joint efficiency.
To achieve the correct results as shown above it is recommended that pincers rather than ordinary pliers are used. Purpose designed O clip pincers with induction hardened jaws are available from stock.


The closely controlled manufacturing processes employed in the production of O clips ensures that these fasteners are free from visible welds, heat affected zones, work hardened areas, and undercuts guaranteeing consistency of properties, performance and constant material thickness.


The standard range can be made to order in stainless steel.  We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.


1. The strength and performance of an O clip is the whole of the steel section, and is not dependent on the single thread strength of a bolt or nut on a worm drive.
2. O clips are permanent and tamperproof. They have to be destroyed to be removed.
3. Low unit cost from design simplicity.
4. Lower production costs from faster attachment time.
5. Dimension tolerances are lower and more consistent than conventional fasteners.
6. There are no areas of stress concentration. The heat treatment and manufacturing processes ensure uniformity of properties.

Technical Specifications

The following sizes are available 

In Zinc and Stainless Steel


Stock Code Size (mm) Size (inches)
Z07  5 – 7 mm 1/4 “
Z09  7 – 9 mm 5/16 “
Z11  9 – 11 mm 3/8 “
Z12 10 – 12mm 7/16 “
Z13 11 – 13 mm 1/2 “
Z15 13 – 15 mm 9/16 “
Z17 15 – 17 mm 19/32 “
Z18 15 – 18 mm 5/8 “
Z20 17 – 20 mm 3/4 “
Z23 20 – 23 mm 7/8 “
Z26 23 – 27 mm 1 “
Z28 25 – 28 mm 1.1 / 16 “
Z31 28 – 31 mm 1.3 / 16 “
Z34 31 – 34 mm 1.5 / 16 “
Z37 34 – 37 mm 1.7 / 16 “
Z40 37 – 40 mm 1.1 / 2 “
Z43 40 – 43 mm 1.5 / 8 “
Z46 43 – 46 mm 1.3 / 4 “