P Clips [1/2″ (12.7mm) Wide] Zinc


One of the most popular clips in the market place is the ‘P’ clip.

These are available rubber lined using a 1.5mm thick E. P. D. M. rubber liner.

Holes to suit M6.

Also available unlined

All sizes are available in both zinc and Stainless Steel

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One of the most popular clips in the market place is the humble ‘P’ clip. Most often they will be rubber lined using a 1.5mm thick E. P. D. M. rubber liner. The lined ‘P’ clip offers the user two advantages over it’s plain or unlined brother. Firstly, the rubber protects the hose from the steel or stainless steel of the ‘P’ clip. Secondly, the rubber provides an anti-vibration / noise reduction through its cushioning effect. This has been found to be an great advantage in the motor vehicle industry, where rubber lined ‘P’ clips are used extensively and to great effect.

The E. P. D. M. rubber liner offers the user of the ‘P’ clip excellent heat resistance. From a freezing -40oc right up to a burning 140oc E. P. D. M. also offers excellent abrasion, weather, aging and ozone resistance as well as UV stability.

1/2″ band width P clips sizes start from a tiny 3mm, however, because of the manufacturing process involved in producing the clip, there has so far been no upper limit as to what size the clip can go up to.

Available in zinc or stainless steel.

Fixing the clips can sometimes present a few problems, however, with the ½” band – width design, this is considerably reduced by introducing an elongated fixing hole on the front of the clip. This gives the user a far greater ability to locate the fixing screw / bolt than using 2 round holes or having the elongated hole on the back of the clip.

For strength, all sizes and band – widths employ a strengthening ‘Joggle’ located on the back of the clip. This means that where the rubber liner meats flush with the clip, there is not just a simple ‘S’ curve in the metal, but the ‘Joggle’ or finger, breaks this step in two, allowing for greater strength.





Mild Steel Zinc Plated ZN3.

All P clips above 44mm Diameter are not stamped with size.

Other sizes are available and all are available in the both zinc and stainless steel.

Double cable design clips can also be manufactured.

CodeSize [Closed Diam]Hole SizeWidthRubber Liner
PC0033mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC0044mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC0066mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC0088mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01010mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01313mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01414mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01616mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01818mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC01919mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC02121mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC02222mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC02525mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC02727mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC02929mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC03030mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC03232mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC03535mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC03838mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC04040mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC04242mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC04444mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC04848mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC05050mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC05252mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM
PC05555mm6.8mm12.7mm [1/2″]EPDM