Nut and Bolt Fuel Pipe Clips Zinc-Plated (ZNBC Range)


Nut & bolt clips (Mini clips/ Fuel pipe clips)

Mild steel zinc plated

Available from 7-9mm through to 16-18mm diameter

ZNBC Range

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Nut & bolt clips

Also known as fuel pipe clips

Mild steel zinc plated

See tech. spec. for available sizes

Technical Specifications

Size Chart

Stock Code Diameter (mm)
ZNBC09 7-9
ZNBC10 8-10
ZNBC11 9-11
ZNBC12 10-12
ZNBC13 11-13
ZNBC14 12-14
ZNBC15 13-15
ZNBC16 14-16
ZNBC17 15-17
ZNBC18 16-18