Wide Band Rubber Lined P Clips 3/4″


3/4″ Wide band E.P.D.M. rubber lined P clips.

Available in zinc.

Starting from 5mm.

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These wider band width rubber lined p clips are available in zinc.

Starting from 5mm diameter.

5mm – 32mm available in a band thickness of 0.8mm.

32mm and above are available in a band thickness of 1.2mm.

Generally available with 2 x 13/32″(10.3mm) round fixing holes. However, they are also available with 17/32″(13.5mm) round fixing holes with an extended leg to suit.

The E. P. D. M. rubber liner offers the user of the ‘P’ clip excellent heat resistance. From a freezing -40oc right up to a burning 140oc E. P. D. M. also offers excellent abrasion, weather, aging and ozone resistance as well as UV stability.

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Weight1 kg
Size Chart

Stock CodeDiameterMaterial ThicknessMaterial WidthLeg LengthHole Diameter
PC005333135mm (0.18″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC006331176mm (0.25″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0103331310mm (0.38″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0103311710mm (0.38″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0133331313mm (0.50″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0133331713mm (0.50″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0143331314mm (0.56″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0143331714mm (0.56″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0163331316mm (0.62″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0173311717mm (0.66″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0193331319mm (0.75″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0193331719mm (0.75″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0223331322mm (0.88″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0223331722mm (0.88″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0243331724mm (0.94″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0243331324mm (0.94″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0253311725mm (1.00″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0253331325mm (1.00″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0285331328mm (1.12″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0325331732mm (1.25″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0323331332mm (1.25″)0.8mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0385331738mm (1.50″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0385331338mm (1.50″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0445331344mm (1.75″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0445331744mm (1.75″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0525331352mm (2.00″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0525331752mm (2.00″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0575331357mm (2.25″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)19mm (3/4″)10.3mm (13/32″)
PC0575311757mm (2.25″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)13.5mm (17/32″)
PC0645311364mm (2.50″)1.2mm19mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)10.3mm (13/32″)